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Vegetarian's Dishes

Vegetarianís dishes came in vogue as early as the Song Dynasty, and made much head way during the Ming and Qing dynasties, which saw the rise of monastic, imperial, and secular schools of vegetarian cuisine. Green vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, and bean curd are major ingredients, and only vegetable oils are allowed in a vegetarianís kitchen. The dishes are at once refreshing, nutritious, easy to digest, and effective for preventing cancer. Extensive choices of materials, and long years of practice, have enabled this peculiar school of Chinese cuisine to come up with a series of highly treasured dished. Many of the dishes are cunningly prepared so that they are easily mistaken for real meat in shape and flavour Ė these dishes are thereby nicknamed vegetarianís chicken, vegetarianís braised pork in soy sauce and spices, vegetarianís pork joint, and vegetarianís assorted delicacies. Other major dishes include mushrooms cooked with wheat gluten, hot-and-sour vegetable filets, vegetarianís Ďfishí which is flavoured with tender Chinese toon sprouts, and dried Ďmeatí strips.

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