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The vast territory of China, and its vast difference in climate and abundance of natural resources, have given rise to a dazzling assortment of products to meet the varying demand of visitors from foreign countries. The country’s age-old history and splendid culture have enabled Chinese artisans to come up with traditional craftworks known for sublime workmanship and superb artistic value. There are also folk crafts distinguished by their association with the country’s legendary folklore. To bring home a souvenir or two of artistic and practical value helps the tourist enhance his understanding of China. Whether the souvenirs are given to friends or for keeps, they add a touch of romance to the tourist’s indelible memory of his China tour.
China has myriads of souvenirs to offer to its visitors. Just to name a few: silks, embroideries, brocades, traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, furniture, medicinal herbs, cloisonné, ceramics, carvings and sculptures, woven hand works, artistic fans, lacquer wares, traditional Chinese stationary, tea, beverages, folk arts and crafts of different ethnic backgrounds, and native products and local specialties.

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