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As a crystallization of culinary styles of such riverside cities as Yangzhou, Zhejiang and Huai’an in the Yangtze River lower reaches, the Huai’an-Yangzhou school of cooking is representative of all culinary schools in Jiansu Province. Tenderness and freshness of materials, delicate tastes, and the fastidious way in which the chefs prepare them, are what make Huai’an-Yangzhou dishes so special. Dishes made from freshwater ingredients are a salient feature of this school of cooking, which is also known for a good assortment of disserts and pastry exquisitely prepared in eye-pleasing colours and adorable shapes. Major dishes are beggar’s chicken, sweet and sour mandarin fish, sliced chicken velvet, boiled salted duck, steamed minced pork ball with crab roe, and steamed shad.

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