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West Lake

It covers a total area of about 60 square kilometers, with 100 or so picturesque scenic spots or key historical sites. Back in the Southern Song Dynasty, the West Lake was already famous for its ten scenic spots, which were given imperial recognition by Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong during the Qing Dynasty. Ten new West Lake scenic spots have named in recent years. Gushan (Solitary Hill), the Su Causeway and Bai Causeway as well as the three artifical islets on the West Lake are a must for tourists. The Temple of the Soulís Retreat half hidden in the woods, the Peak that Flew from Afar, Yue Feiís Temple, the Pagoda of Six Harmonies and Jingci Temple are all frequented by visitors. They may also find it an enjoyable experience to tour Wushan Hill, Yuhuang Hill and Baoshi (Precious Stone) Hill around the lake, the three famous springs at Longjing, Hupao and Yuquan and Shiwu Cave, Yanxia Cave and Ziyun Cave. Viewing Goldfish at Flower Harbor, Lotus in the Breeze at Quyuan and Listening to Orioles Singing in the Willows are also interesting scenes to visit. The recently opened four museums on silk, tea, Chinese medicine and kilns offer much for the visitors to see.

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