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Wangjiang Tower Park

Wangjiang Tower (Tower Overlooking the River) on the bank of Jinjiang River in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu stands 30 meters high. Uniquely designed, the upper two stories of the tower are octagonal in shape while the lower two, square. With red pillars, green tiles and a gilded steeple ball on its pointed octagonal roof, the tower looks extremely splendid. In its surrounding areas are other ancient buildings and stretches of bamboo.

The park is famous for its lush forests of bamboo, and boasts over 150 varieties of bamboo from China, Japan and South-East Asia. They range from bonsai-sized potted plants to towering giants, creating a shady retreat in the heat of summer (and a cold, damp retreat in winter). The pavilion was built to the memory of Xue Tao , a female Tang Dynasty poet with a great love for bamboo. Nearby is a well, said to be the place where she drew water to dye her writing paper.

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