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Solitary Beauty Peak

The Solitary Beauty Peak, towering abruptly from the ground, in the centre of the ancient Royal Palace, stands solitary in state and grace. 1500 years ago, during the Southern Dynasty (420-589), Yang Yanzhi, governor of Guilin and a poet, wrote these lines: None can surpass this solitary peak in beauty, Towering in the centre of the town, stately and lofty. It is from this poem that the hill derived its name.

On the east side of the hill there are such inscriptions from the Qing Dynasty as "Southern Sky-supporting Pillar" and "Purple Gown and Golden Belt." At the foot of the hill are"Study Rock", "Peace Rock" and "The Crescent pond". A flight of 396 stone steps leads from the west foot of the hill up to the top, where one commands a panoramic view of the whole city and all the mountains surrounding it.

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