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Covering 2,020 square km with a population of 3 million, the central-south Guangdong city of Shenzhen is a major trading port that faces Daya Bay to the east and Pearl River to the west and is adjacent to Hong Kong to the south. Shenzhen is the earliest special economic zone to be opened in China to foreign investors. With a complete line of facilities, it is also a rising tourist city, where visa formalities have been simplified to facilitate the entry of foreign visitors. A variety of high-tech exhibitions take place in the city on an annual basis. Major attractions: “Splended China”, a miniature scenery park that epitomizes the charms of the Chinese landscape and cultural scene, enabling the visitor to finish a tour of the country and see the 5,000-year Chinese civilization in one day’s time; China Folk Culture Village, where folklore activities are held in 20-odd life-size replicas of villages of different ethic backgrounds; Window of the World is a park in which visitors can get a glimpse of the world’s wondrous buildings, cultural ruins, natural scenes and folkways, and be entertained by folk singers and dancers from various countries; Wildlife Zoo, where there are nearly 3,000 animals in 150 species from all the continents of the world; Xiangmihu Summer Resort is a large tourist and recreational center where tropical garden scenes mingle imperceptibly with ethnic buildings.

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