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Qinhuai River

Qin Huai River, southwest of the city and extending 110 kilometers long, is a branch of Yangtze River. It was called Huai River originally. Legend says in the Qin dynasty(221-207B.C.) under the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Mount Fangshan was chiseled through to lead the water into the city, so that it was renamed into Qin Huai River. The inner river of the river used to be the most flourishing place of Nanjing since it was the red-light district famous throughout the nation. Painted boats shuttled to and fro and music sounded all night. Many love affairs and romances spread from here. Almes earned their fame and left their sorrow on the river. On a street beside the river, visitors may see a famous lady’s former residence to feel the history. Painted boats on the river were extraordinarily famous. Large or small, all were decorated with colorful lanterns. Sitting on a stool in a boat, flowing with water and recollecting history is a fascinating experience. Nowadays, Qin Huai River has been archaized and revived. With lanterns hung high all around and music played, streets along the river restored its flourish.

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