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Morning Dew Temple

Built on Beigu Hill from 256 to 258, the temple is said to be where King Liu Bei of the Kingdom of Shu met with some intrigue during the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280). Liu Bei had “borrowed” Jingzhou (today’s Jiangling in Hubei Province) from King Sun Quan of the Kingdom of Wu, but showed no intention of returning it. Under a scheme worked out by Wu general Zhou Yu, Sun Quan invited Liu Bei to Zhenjiang, presumably to marry his sister. But Sun’s real intention was to take Liu Bei hostage and force him to give Jingzhou back to Wu. However, Zhu Yu’s plot was seen through by Shu Prime Minister Zhuge Liang (181-234), who sent Shu’s gallant general Zhao Yun to accompany Liu Bei to Zhenjiang. In the end, Liu Bei succeeded in marrying Sun’s sister. Wu not only lost the girl but also suffered a heavy military setback in an ensuing battle with Shu.

Plentiful Sights Tower (Duojinglou) is the most beautiful place in the temple, claiming to be the “first tower under heaven.” The gate to Morning Due Temple is inscribed with the words “first river and hill under heaven,” said to be in the handwriting of Emperor Wu Di of the Liang Dynasty over 1,400 years ago.

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