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Mengla Tropical Rain Forest

Mengla county is situated at the most south point of southwest China, bordering Laos at its east, south and southwest sides, and bordering Myanmar at its west side.

The special tropical climate here has created the wonderful tropical rain forest scenery. Both the convenient land and water transport produces the most convenience for developing tourism and border trade. It has been a very popular cross border tour route from Mengla to Lonang Namtha, Phong Sali and Louangphrabang in Laos, as well Thailand.

Guanlei pier, which is constructed on the Lancing River, only about 21 km from the connecting point of china, Myanmar and Laos is known as " First Village of China ", and Mohan National Port, which is nicknamed for " Mao Zedong Road " are the two very important land accesses to the southeast Asian Countries from China.

It will be another unforgettable experience to enjoy the natural scenery at the Sanchahe Forest Part in Mengla. There is a air-pass about one kilometer long on the " looking up to the sky tree ". Any visitor can climb obtain a good view of the golden monkey, peacock, elephants. There is also a tourist villa in the shape of bird nest to provide more convenience for the passing by passengers. . The elephant performance at the sandchahe will add more memories to your Banna trip.

It is about 832 kilometers from Mengla to Kunming. Both sleeper coach and plane are available to go there.

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