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Maoling Museum

Maoling was the magnificent tomb of Han Emperor Wu Di (156--87 B.C.) in Xingping County west of Xi’an. The south gate has been destroyed, but the front gate is dimly visible. The tomb of the famous general Huo Qubing (140—117 B.C.) is also found at Maoling. The valiant general had repulsed many incursions by the Xiongnus and became an illustrious war hero during the Han Dynasty. Emperor Wu Di was so grieved over Huo’s death that he ordered a tomb built for the general near his own. Maoling Museum was built on his spot in 1978; burial objects and other relics of the Han Dynasty are on display here. The massive stone carvings that stand in front of the tomb of Huo Qubing are among the finest examples of Chinese art.

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