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Manjusri Temple

Manjusri Temple (Wenshu Monastery) in the city proper was built in the Southern Dynasties (420-589). Covering an area of about 5.5 hectares, it has 190 buildings in their simple styles and with exquisite window carvings. In the scripture-keeping hall rare cultural relics are preserved. They range from a kasaya embroidered with 1,000 Buddhas by imperial concubine Tian of Emperor Chongzhen (1628-1644) in the Ming Dynasty, an embroidered portrait of Avalokitesvara, scriptures written on Pattra Leaves from ancient India, a 1,200-year-old gilded Buddhist wheel from Japan, to a jade Buddha from Burma. The most precious is the skull of Xuanzang, a Buddhist master of the Tang Dynasty.

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