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Karakuri Lake

Karakuri Lake, known as the father of glaciers, sitting at an elevation of 3600 meters (1,1808 feet), is located at the foot of Mount Maztagata. It is an unspoiled place like Shangri-la for its dramatic and spectacular natural scenery. The surface of the lake reflects the snow-covered peaks of Mount Muztagata, which towers in the background. Hikes and walks around here is a kind of refreshing. Especially in summer, flowers bloom and the air is fresh and pleasant. However, it can get very cold at this altitude however, so bring extra clothing with you to keep warm. An entire walk around the lake need one day. You can also spend more time here, staying in the Kazakh Yurts or camping if you have your own tent.

How to get there: Buses leave daily at 8:30 a.m. from the long distance bus station in Kashgar. Returning is simply to flag down a passing minibus on the road that is heading in your direction.

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