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Imperial Street

The imperial street was built for the exclusive use of the emperor, that extended from the imperial Palace’s Grand Gate to the outside of the city wall. The street was over 5km long, and was lined on both sides by beautiful ancient architecture.

The new Song imperial Street (Songjie), recreating, in miniature, the original route, is built partly on the original site of the Palace. The street is only 400 meters long, on the northern section of Zhongshan Lu, and was designed in 1988 in an attempt by the authorities to restore the glorious past of Kaifeng.

The street is entered by an arch at the southern end, and is clustered with shops and restaurants, including a couple of good art and nice curio shops. Most of the commodities sold here are travelers’ souvenirs such as Henan specialties, artifacts, calligraphy, New Year pictures and traditional paintings. All of the shopping assistants are dressed in traditional Song Dynasty costume.

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