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Grand Brightness Temple

This monastery on Shugang Hill in the northwest suburb of Yangzhou dates back to the Southern Dynasties in the fifth century. It was where the Buddhist monk Jain Zhen once lived and preached. Above the gate of this famous temple is the inscription “Fajing Temple” written in 1765 by Emperor Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty when he came on an inspection tour. Since then the temple is also known as Fajing Temple. A three-port, three-storied archway leads to Heavenly Gate Hall (Tianmendian) and to the Grand Hall, which stands at the rear of the temple. To the east is Clear Sky Chamber (Qinggongge), now serving as Monk Jian Zhen’s memorial hall.

Other tourist attractions at Yangzhou include the Qing Dynasty Geyuan Garden on the city’s Dongguan Street which is known for its bamboo groves; Xiaopangu Garden, regarded as one of the most well-known classical style gardens in China; the Moslem Mausoleum that houses the tomb of Bahaa’ Eddin who came to preach a Islam and died here during the Southern Song Dynasty; and a mosque dating back to the mid-Qing Dynasty.

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