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Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill stands alone on the west bank of the Li River, with half of the hill extending into the river. At the foot of the hill is Pearl-Returning Cave.The story goes that the cave was illuminated by a single pearl and inhabited by a dragon; one day a fisherman stole the pearl, but he was overcome by shame and returned it. In the cave there hangs from the ceiling a rock, Sword-Testing Rock, which nearly touches the ground. Legend has it that the gap below it was made by an ancient general Fu Bo when he tested his sword. At the end of the cave is Thousand-Buddha Cave, where there are actually over 200 Buddha statues of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) style. On the western side, a flight of steps leads to Kuishui Pavilion and then to the top. From there, one can have a birdís-eye view of the Li River.

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