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City God Temple

Located next to the Yu Garden and also known today as the Yu Garden Market, the City God Temple was built in the fifteenth century during the Ming dynasty. Originally a temple built to honour the Han statesman Huo Guang (d. 68 B.C.), it is a busy market today, specializing in traditional arts and crafts. Outside, however, it still looks like a temple.
One hundred years ago, as more and more pilgrims came to worship in the temple, many peddlers began to open shops near the City God Temple. Slowly, a popular, old-fashioned market came about. Today, around the temple and in a circumference of one-third of a mile there are more than one hundred small shops and restaurants, and the products they sell number 16,000 or more. Shanghai residents enjoy shopping here; they can find things unobtainable elsewhere and they dine at their favorite restaurants.

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