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Barkhor Street

The Barkhor is found in the heart of Lhasa circling the Jokhang Temple. It means "a pilgrimís inner circuit", and is the earliest street of old Lhasa city.
It dates back to the foundation of the Jokhang and is an essential pilgrim route. Houses and small inns were built all around the street. As time went on, shops and businesses also set up in the Barkhor, and it slowly became a prosperous area.
In the past 30 years many more services and facilities have opened, shops have increased and the street is scattered with stalls. It bustles with activity and is always jam-packed with trade people. It is a "must" for souvenir-hunting tourists.
Many people call the Barkhor "the window of Tibet" as it is a typical reflection of Tibetan life. It is a magical place, full of the mystery and wonder that is associated with Tibet.

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